Injury Healing Stack

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4 Week cycle (10% OFF)

- MK-2866 x 1 bottle 30ml

- MK-677 x 1 bottle 30ml


8 Week cycle (16% OFF)

- MK-2866 x 2 bottle 30ml

- MK-677 x 2 bottle 30ml


What does this stack achieve? 

Got an injury? Well this is the stack for you! This stack will help speed up recovery time with muscular injuries, joint injuries and of course prevent muscle wastage! (Don't lose those hard earned gains!) 

How to take:

Take 1ml each day of each compound.

(This stack will last 4 weeks) We recommend to run this cycle for 12 weeks.



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These research chemicals are NOT intended to treat, prevent, cure, or mitigate disease. These chemicals are NOT for human consumption.

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