Max Strength Stack

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8 week cycle: (SAVE 10%)

- RAD-140 x 2 30ml Bottles

- MK-677 x 2 30ml Bottles

- OR - 

12 Week cycle: (SAVE 16%)

- RAD-140 x 3 30ml Bottles

- MK-677 x 3 30ml Bottles


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How it works:

The Max Strength Stack is designed to help your research subject put on some insane strength and muslce gains with RAD-140 whilst utilising the MK-677 benefits to achieve greater muscle mass, strength increases, improved sleep and revocery, bone health and much more.


How to apply:

Orally apply 1ml of each chemical daily to research subject.

Store in a cool dry place.



The products that US GAINS offer are intended for laboratory research use only. Please read our terms and conditions.

These research chemicals are NOT intended to treat, prevent, cure, or mitigate disease. These chemicals are NOT for human consumption.

*Results may vary*

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