Rapid Growth Stack

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8 Week cycle (10% OFF)

- LGD-4 x 2 30ml Bottles 

- YK-11 x 2 30ml Bottles

- MK-677 x 2 30ml Bottles


12 Week cycle (16% OFF)

- LGD-4 x 3 30ml Bottles 

- YK-11 x 3 30ml Bottles

- MK-677 x 3 30ml Bottles

Featuring LGD-4 while synergistically using different research chemicals to create different pathways in the test subject to produce muscle growth, strength and endurance.

How this is achieved: 

- Increased testosterone in research subject

- Increased growth hormone 

- The use of Myostatin inhibitor to allow your research subjects muscle grow to the fullest potential.

These work synergistically for maximum growth over a 8- 12 week research cycle. 

1ml of each compound daily. (8-12 week research) 

Store in a cool dry place.

All research supplement SARMs that are sent will be based off the the most up to date third party tests. These third party tests can be found on each individual product page. 


The products that US GAINS offer are intended for laboratory research use only. Please read our terms and conditions.

These research chemicals are NOT intended to treat, prevent, cure, or mitigate disease. These chemicals are NOT for human consumption.

*Results may vary*

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